Luca Sartoni is a cross media and industry professional with over 10 years of experience in the IT and communications fields. Luca began his professional career as a journalist, producing over 200 high trafficked articles about the startup scene, strategic communications, and technology industry.

Today, Luca uses his unique combination of technical skills and communication to provide SMBs and Enterprise organizations with both training and support in their communications and marketing projects.

A highly proficient public speaker, Luca is regularly invited to conferences and events around the globe to provide his experience and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Following his artistic passion, Luca’s photography has been featured in a number of publications and exhibitions. He’s a co-founder and managing partner of Heisenberg Media, and specializes in conference and event photography. To date, Heisenberg Media has been responsible for the coverage of some of the largest events in the tech industry including The Pioneers Festival, Le Web, and The Europas.

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phone / sms / imessage / whatsapp: +436604724693