Creative Commons: From Kansas City to Russia with Love


As you may know I release my pictures under “Creative Commons by Attribution” license and over the years I collected a few stories related to the usage (and misusage) of my images. This time I have a nice episode to tell that just happened to me.

One year ago I received a message on Flickr asking for permission to use one of my pictures in their fridge magnet merchandise. I promptly accepted and for more than 12 months I didn’t hear anything back.

Fast forward 12 months, I got a snail mail from Russia, totally unexpected, straight to my desktop. Guess what, there were three magnets featuring my shot. It’s not one of my best pictures, I have to admit, but it’s kinda cool to have it transformed into a nice object. You can buy it here if you like, for something around 2 euros. Enjoy!