Q&A: Two questions about my photography


I recently got a couple of questions regarding my online channels. I posted about my online presence on my main blog. Here I want to answer two interesting questions I got.

Question 1: Model Photography WTF?

Why are you publishing model photography images if your call is clearly street photography and your images with models are not even close to the quality of your street work?Diogo Teles

My lack of skills in model photography is the answer to this question. I’m fully aware of my lack of skills in many areas of photography. Models, cars, buildings come very difficult to me. Product and stock photography too. But what are the options to get better at it? Read books? Watch online videos? Study other people’s work? Yes sure, but I need practice. And the images you see now on my model area of my website are exactly that: just practice.

How do I do that? Easy! I contact models on ModelMayhem, depending on my workload, travels, locations. If I’m spending a week in London and I know I have time, I try to contact local models and I propose a TFP shooting. I get a mode and she gets images. I then have the opportunity of practice my skills. I take my exercises very seriously pulling out a complete workflow every time: Location scouting, light scouting, briefing with the model, idea gathering and I usually set a couple of goals for the day. Sometimes it’s about lighting, sometimes it’s about color, sometimes it’s about directing. Then I go through the technical workflow: packing the bag according to the shooting, taking the pictures, organize the raw files, selection of the images, curation, post production, publishing and distribution. Everything done exactly like it was a paid assignment.

I strongly believe that photography is not only about taking pictures. Every step of the workflow needs to be practiced.

Question 2: Why do you post shit on Flickr?

Hey dude, why do you post that shit on your Flickr? You have party pictures and redundant images of the same model, you should better post only good stuff” – Anonymous commenter

My Flickr account is not my portfolio. This blog is my portfolio.

Flickr to me is a huge repository where I post images and send people when they want to find them. I use it as a distribution channel, more than a showcase. It’s important to me to publish everything that has a purpose. Exercises are very important to me and I want to be able and go back in time and check out my improvement. I also need a photo silo and Flickr is perfect for that. Every time I need one of my pictures I just go there and it’s ready to go.

If you have any question for me, don’t hesitate to drop a comment, I’ll be more than happy to reply!