Copyright and photography: The copyright zone guys


Lean back, relax and invest the next 2 hours watching this video about copyright and photography.

Just a couple of things I want to specify though. First of all the laws they mention are valid within the US jurisdiction. A few details are different in Europe.

Second thing, I disagree on their philosophy (money, money, money) and I strongly disagree about their vision about the Creative Commons. The reason why I disagree are multiple and are not the topic for this post. Let’s say that I accept their point of view considering that Ed Greenberg is a lawyer and Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer but in my opinion their approach is very conservative. Be careful, I’m not saying they are wrong on the facts, they are absolutely right, I’m saying I disagree on their opinion regarding the Creative Commons and how they should be used. I will explain this further sometime soon.

Said this, I found this video by the copyright zone guys extremely interesting and you should give it a try.