Nikon D600 – Dust on the sensor after 10k cycles.


You probable know that the fist production of Nikon D600 have had a serious dust-on-the-sensor issue.

This is the status of my sensor after 9866 cycles:

How I performed my test

I just took a picture of the clear sky using a 85mm lens (well cleaned) at f22. Dust spots tent to be more visible at narrower apertures. I was shooting raw (as usual).

Straight from camera

D600 Dust Test - SFC
This is how the picture looks like without any editing.

Usual workflow

D600 Dust Test - Standard Worflow
I applied my usual workflow to the picture, the very same way I would do to any of my street photo. I adapt the presets to the exposure and composition so this time is “presets only”. You can see how the dust comes up and ruins the photo. It’s so dirty that seems impossible to correct with a spot removal tool.

Extreme enhance

D600 Dust Test - Enhanced
This is how the image looks like after a blue filter and all the clarity, structure, contrast gauges pulled to max. Very shocking!

Nikon D90 – 47k cycles

D90 Dust Test - SFCD90 Dust Test - Standard WorflowD90 Dust Test - Dust Enhanced

These are the same shots with my Nikon D90, after 47 thousand cycles. My D90’s sensor has never been cleaned and it’s 4 years old. It went through the desert, the snow and it’s not weathered sealed.

By the way, here some of my pictures heavily affected by the dust, have a look!

Do you own a D600 and you have the same issue? Wanna share your experience? Drop a comment!